Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mock Draft 5.1

# team name pos school
1 TEXANS Reggie Bush RB USC
2 SAINTS Mario Williams DE NC State
3 TITANS Matt Leinart QB USC
4 JETS D'brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia
5 PACKERS AJ Hawk LB Ohio State
6 49ers Vernon Davis TE Maryland
7 RAIDERS Michael Huff DB Texas
8 BILLS Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State
9 *VIKINGS Vince Young QB Texas
10 CARDINALS Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
11 RAMS Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State
12 BROWNS Manny Lawson OLB NC State
13 RAVENS Haloti Ngata DT Oregon
14 EAGLES Chad Jackson WR Florida
15 BRONCOS DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
16 DOLPHINS Johnathan Joseph CB South Carolina
17 *LIONS Winston Justice OT USC
18 COWBOYS Jason Allen FS Tennessee
19 CHARGERS Marcus McNeill OT Auburn
20 CHIEFS Kamerion Wimbley DE Florida State
21 PATRIOTS Richard Marshall CB Fresno State
22 BRONCOS Donte Whitner S Ohio State
23 BUCCANEERS Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
24 BENGALS Darnell Bing SS USC
25 GIANTS Ernie Sims OLB Florida State
26 BEARS Jimmy Williams DB Virginia Tech
27 PANTHERS Chad Greenway OLB Iowa
28 JAGUARS Tye Hill CB Clemson
29 JETS Nick Mangold C Ohio State
30 COLTS Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota
31 SEAHAWKS Ashton Youboty CB Ohio State
32 STEELERS Daniel Bullocks FS Nebraska

Round 2

33 TEXANS Kelly Jennings CB Miami
34 SAINTS Demeco Ryans OLB Alabama
35 JETS LenDale White RB USC
36 PACKERS Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College
37 49ers Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State
38 RAIDERS Thomas Howard OLB UTEP
39 TITANS Eric Winston OT Miami
40 LIONS Ko Simpson FS South Carolina
41 CARDINALS Leonard Pope TE Georgia
42 BILLS Daryn Colledge OT Boise State
43 BROWNS Gabe Watson NT Michigan
44 RAVENS Pat Watkins FS Florida State
45 EAGLES D'Qwell Jackson LB Maryland
46 RAMS Joe Klopfstein TE Colorado
47 FALCONS Sinorice Moss WR Miami
48 *LIONS Abdul Hodge MLB Iowa
49 COWBOYS Max Jean-Gilles OG Georgia
50 CHARGERS Devin Aromashodu WR Auburn
51 VIKINGS Roger McIntosh OLB Miami
52 PATRIOTS Mark Anderson OLB Alabama
53 REDSKINS Jon Alston LB/S Stanford
54 CHIEFS Cedric Griffin CB Texas
55 BENGALS Demario Minter CB Georgia
56 GIANTS Andrew Whitworth OT LSU
57 BEARS Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA
58 PANTHERS Charles Spencer OG Pittsburgh
59 BUCCANEERS Danieal Manning CB Abilene Christian
60 JAGUARS Joseph Addai RB LSU
61 BRONCOS Dominique Byrd TE USC
62 COLTS Davin Joseph OG Oklahoma
63 SEAHAWKS Tamba Hali DE Penn State
64 STEELERS Greg Jennings WR W. Michigan

Surprise Undrafted Prospects

Just as there are guys that sneak into round one with a great postseason, some big name prospects will slide. Some of these players even fail to hear their name called during draft weekend. This year will be no different. Here is a list of potential undrafted , but familiar names. There is a not-so-secret formula for these guys too:

Poor Character
Poor Workouts

Alan Zamaitis, CB, Penn State
Claude Wroten, DT, LSU
Charles Gordon, CB, Kansas
Ray Edwards, DE, Purdue
Bernard Pollard, SS, Purdue
Stanley McClover, DE, Auburn
Orien Harris, DT, Miami
Daryl Tapp, DE, Virginia Tech

Not all the prospects listed had both character concerns and poor measurables, but they all have one or the other. And they all could be waiting seemingly forever for that phone call.

Post-Combine Mock Draft

Here's a quick and dirty mock draft to reflect the combine and the first weekend of free agency. Two rounds, no trades. Things are starting to shake out in a way that I don't think will result in a lot of trades at the top. Right now there is a group of about 6 elite non-quarterbacks and the 3 QBs. Nobody is going to want to move out of a chance at one of the elite guys. And I don't think anybody is really standing out of that pack enough to go get, if you're already there. And nobody can be certain their guy will be there, even a couple picks later. If there was a stand-out, it would be Mario Williams. Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush still have a chance to wow scouts at their workouts to become THE guy in this draft.

team name pos school
1 TEXANS Mario Williams DE NC State
2 SAINTS D'brickashaw FergusonOTVirginia
3 TITANS Matt Leinart
4 JETS Reggie Bush RB USC
5 PACKERS AJ Hawk LB Ohio State
6 49ers Vernon Davis TE Maryland
7 RAIDERS Vince Young QB Texas
8 BILLS Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State
9 LIONS Michael Huff DB Texas
10 CARDINALS Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
11 RAMS Tye Hill CB Clemson
12 BROWNS Manny Lawson OLB NC State
13 RAVENS Haloti Ngata DT Oregon
14 EAGLES Chad Jackson WR Florida
15 FALCONS Chad Greenway OLB Iowa
16 DOLPHINS Jonathan Joseph CB South Carolina
17 VIKINGS DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
18 COWBOYS Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
19 CHARGERS Marcus McNeill OT Auburn
20 CHIEFS Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State
22 BRONCOS Tamba Hali DE Penn State
23 BUCCANEERS Winston Justice OT USC
24 BENGALS Darnell Bing SS USC
25 GIANTS Jimmy Williams DB Virginia Tech
26 BEARS Leonard Pope TE Georgia
27 PANTHERS Max Jean-Gilles G Georgia
28 JAGUARS Thomas Howard OLB UTEP
29 BRONCOS Dominique Byrd TE USC
30 COLTS Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota
31 SEAHAWKS Jason Allen DB Tennessee
32 STEELERS Ko Simpson FS South Carolina


33 TEXANS Jonathan Scott OT Texas
34 SAINTS Ernie Sims OLB Florida State
35 JETS Kameron Wimbley OLB Florida State
36 PACKERS Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College
37 49ers Ashton Youboty CB Ohio State
38 RAIDERS Roderique Wright DT Texas
39 TITANS Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State
40 LIONS DeMeco Ryans LB Alabama
41 CARDINALS Donte Whitner FS Ohio State
42 BILLS Devin Aromashodu WR Auburn
43 BROWNS Gabe Watson NT Michigan
44 RAVENS Nick Mangold C Ohio State
45 EAGLES Jesse Mahelona DT Tennessee
46 RAMS Pat Watkins FS Florida State
47 FALCONS Daniel Bullocks S Nebraska
48 VIKINGS Richard Marshall CB Fresno State
49 COWBOYS Eric Winston OT Miami
50 CHARGERS Sinorice Moss WR Miami
51 DOLPHINS Ryan O'Callaghan OT California
52 PATRIOTS Mark Anderson OLB Alabama
53 REDSKINS D'Qwell Jackson LB Maryland
54 CHIEFS Abdul Hodge MLB Iowa
55 BENGALS Oshinowo Babtunde DT Stanford
56 GIANTS Davin Joseph G Oklahoma
57 BEARS Kelly Jennings CB Miami
58 PANTHERS Joseph Addai RB LSU
59 BUCCANEERS Cedric Griffin DB Texas
60 JAGUARS Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA
61 BRONCOS Bernard Pollard SS Purdue
62 COLTS Alan Zamaitis CB Penn State
63 SEAHAWKS Ray Edwards DE Purdue
64 STEELERS Todd Watkins WR BYU

The Bust Factor

Part of the reason the draft is so fun is the fact that so many prospects don't pan out. Those teams that can avoid the "busts" often end up well ahead of the game. NFL scouts try, sometimes in futility, to decide which players have that perfect match of skills and tools. And there is a HUGE difference between skills and tools. Even prospects that seemingly have all the talent in the world, can never develop the proper skills. Of course there's always the what-you-see-is-what-you-get prospect that has impeccable form, but lacks the athleticism or size to compete at the pro level. In most cases the guy with the tools gets picked first. After all you can't teach speed, right?

I'm going to break down a few top prospects that are either can't-miss or set off my bust alarm.

Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland CAN'T MISS
As hard as I try, I cannot find a flaw in Davis as a prospect for the next level. His raw tools are mind-blowing. We've never seen a tight end with his speed, let alone the strength that he brings with it. Davis also has shown these skills on the field, producing with very poor talent around him. That said, the factor that assures me that Davis will be great is his work ethic. No team should worry that he won't live up to his draft position. Davis will walk into the league as a human mismatch, but seeing him put to use in a precision passing game is downright scary. As he develops his already impressive talent, he could be a transcendent player.

AJ Hawk, LB, Ohio State
The only thing I can do to discount what Hawk has done at Ohio State is say he had a lot of help. Hawk has that deadly combo of tools and skills. He isn't an athletic freak, but he certainly doesn't lack size, quickness or strength. He gets tackles. He fights through the trash. He cover backs and tight ends. He pressures the QB. Hawk is a fit in any scheme.

DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis
Williams ran for 2,000 yards...twice. Unlike the next guy, he's shown he can carry the load. And also unlike the next guy, there was nobody else around for defenses to key on. Like my other can't-miss prospects, Williams has that deadly combo of all the tools, skills and work ethic to get even better.

Reggie Bush, RB, USC
It's hard to say a player with this much talent will fail, and that is not what I am saying. I just don't think Bush will live up to the #1 overall hype. The player Bush compares to most favorably is Gale Sayers, but the NFL is too fast these days for anybody to be running by defenses like they're standing still. Another factor is durability. Bush can't go out and do his thing on a banged up leg like a Jerome Bettis (or even DeAngelo Williams) can. There's a reason why Sayers only lasted five years. I don't know that Bush will miss, but he can.

D'brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia-- BUST ALERT
Will never be a dominant run blocker, so at best he'll be one dimentional. For all his athleticism, Ferguson still didn't dominate as a pass blocker at Virginia. Might not have a killer instinct. Ferguson seems like a good guy, but you've got to have a mean streak play after play in the NFL. Reminds me a lot of Kwame Harris (49ers).

Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt--BUST ALERT
Call me a skeptic, but when was the last time a quarterback who performed so underwhelmingly in college became an All-Pro in the NFL? A few things that scare me: 59% passer, career 59/36 TD/INT ratio, and of course he's this year's "next Brett Favre" ask Pat Ramsey, Kyle Boller, JP Losman and Rex Grossman how being the next Brett Favre is working out.

Draft Shakeup?

Reports out of Virginia are saying that star linebacker Ahmad Brooks has been kicked off the Cavaliers football team. Everything is vauge, so there aren't many details to discuss. The next move for Brooks is hope for late enry status into the 2006 draft pool. Otherwise he'll have to wait until the supplimental draft, held toward the end of summer.

Brooks has been a top NFL prospect for a while now due to his absurd mix of size and athleticism. He measures in at 6'4" and somewhwere between 250 and 270 lbs. His draft staus will depend a lot on the facts about his dismissal and what kind of shape he's in after an injury plagued season.

There are other reports that state Ahmad Brooks is still officially on the team. So stay tuned, this Brooks situation is far from over.

UPDATE: It appears that Brooks failed a drug test last week. No indication on what substance was found. Coach Al Groh has stated only that Brooks is unavailable for spring practice. The fall is still up in the air.

Combine Chatter

Chad Jackson, WR, Florida
6'0" 213--4.32/40
Jackson is the player that has gained the most so far by his combine performance. Not only did he run a scorching 40 time, he looked great in drills. In this so-so WR class, Jackson made himself a lot of money this week and probably earned his way into the 1st round.

Devin Aromashodu, WR, Auburn
6'2" 195--4.35/40
This guy was a virtual unknown last month. Now after a great Senior Bowl and throwing down a 4.3 at the combine with good size, he may be one of the top 5 receivers selected in April.

D'brickashaw Furguson, OT, Virginia
6'6" 313
Furguson is doing everything right this offseason. He performed well in drills at the Senior Bowl and now shows up in Indy at 313 pounds. His knock is size/strength. The weight helps, but we'll have to see how he lifts.

Reggie Bush, RB, USC
5' 10 7/8" 201
You know Reggie has been bulking up since the Rose Bowl. If thats as much weight he can put on, he might be in trouble. I expected him to waltz in near 215. Measuring below 5'11" probably doesn't help either. Kind of weird that the day after Reggie weighs in, the Texans are rumored to want to trade down. Although, I didn't buy the Reggie at #1 hype in the first place.

Brad Smith, QB/WR, Missouri
6'2" 215--4.46
I'm pretty dissapointed with Smith--a member of my All-Underrated Team back in November. Not because of his measurables, but his unwillingness to workout as a WR. He could have been setting himself up to be a major player among this WR class.
Smith has ALL the measurables for it. He has size, speed, absurd RAC ability and big strong hands. But, he wants to be a QB and its going to hurt him. Reports are his QB workout was poor.

Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland
6'3" 254--4.38
Just to show he's not all about speed, Vernon put up 33 reps on the bench press, had a 42 inch vertical jump to go along with his rediculous 40 yard dash. All were tops for tight ends. San Francisco at #6?

Mario Williams, DE, NC State
6'7" 295--4.66
This guy is putting himself in position to potentially be the top prospect in the draft. He's been getting comparisons to Julius Pepper, but his numbers at the combine are even better. Also had a 40 inch vertical. Scary at almost 300 pounds.

Manny Lawson, OLB/DE, NC State
6'5" 240--4.41
I don't know what they were serving for breakfast Monday, but there were some insane numbers put up by some large men. Lawson is having a great postseason. Easily the best OLB prospect for the 34 defense.

Mike Kudla, DE, Ohio State
Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida State
These two went off in the bench press drill. Bunkley lifted the 225 pound bar 44 times. Kudla tied the combine record, held by Isaac Sopoaga, with 45 reps.

Well, the defensive backs didn't dissapoint Tuesday. They were all blazing.
Tye Hill, Clemson--4.30
Johnathan Joseph, S. Carolina--4.31
Tim Jennings, Georgia--4.32
Michael Huff, Texas--4.34
Daniel Bullocks, Nebraska--4.38
Willie Andrews, Baylor--4.38
Antonio Cromartie, Florida State--4.39
Antoine Bethea, Howard--4.39
Jason Allen, Tennessee--4.39
Kelly Jennings, Miami--4.39
Donte Whitner, Ohio State--4.40
Pat Watkins, Florida State--4.42

Senior Bowl 2006: Winners and Losers


DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis
Weighed in at 5-81/2, 208--smaller than expected. But was simply the best player in Mobile. Has an exceptional burst. Decisive, explosive and instinctive. Deadly combo for a running back. Great attitude to boot.

D'brickashaw Ferguson, LT, Virginia
Seemed to increase stock on everyone's board, so I have him on the winners list. Myself? He pretty much solidified his status, which is top 25, but not as high as most(top 5). He isn't powerful and for all his athleticism at 297 pounds, he gets beat in pass protection.

Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt
Proved he has the arm scouts love. But like Ferguson he looks better in shorts than in pads on gameday. Really think this is a player who is getting overrated right now. But it looks as if his stock is through the roof, so he's a winner this week.

Manny Lawson, DE/OLB, NC State
6 feet 5 inches 240 pounds with a 45 inch vertical. With that kind of athleticism its hard not to stand out and Lawson did. Only question, is he instinctive enough to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme? He sure is athletic enough and he knows how to get to the QB. Secured a spot in the first round.

Max Jean-Gilles, OG, Georgia
Gilles is a beast and showed the strength to move the pile as advertised. At 358 pounds he is the premier run blocker in the draft and should be the first guard off the board. Maybe sneaking into round one.

Brodie Croyle, QB, Alabama
Not big at 6-2, 200 but this guy has some magic. Showed a good arm, some mobility. One of those a little bit of everything types. Probably still a third round pick, but helped keep himself on day one of the draft.

Sinorice Moss, WR/KR, Miami
Nobody ever doubted his speed and Moss didn't dissapoint. By most accounts he was uncoverable in practice. Beat Tye Hill, the best cover man in Mobile, for a TD Saturday. Only issue is size at just under 5-8. Solidified first day status and is certainly the #1 kick returner/slot WR available. Only WR that had a great week, really.

Dominique Byrd, TE, USC
After Vernon Davis its a close race at the tight end position. Byrd might have sealed the #2 slot this week. This forgotten weapon in the USC offense looked good as blocker and was always open downfield. Showed great hands and can gain some yards after the catch. Big week for Byrd.

Nick Mangold, C, Ohio State
Mangold was a rock all week. He stuffed all comers in one-on-one drills. He showed strength, smarts and the ability to get out and block on the next level. Could conceivably sneak into the end of the first round--won't get out of the second.


Derek Hagan, WR, Arizona State
Had a touchdown in the game, but also a couple drops. Was dropping everything all week. Didn't show the kind of speed to make scouts forget about those drops. Nobody hurt there stock more in Mobile. Fell from first round to maybe out of the first day.

Elvis Dumervil, DE/OLB, Louisville
Things were bad from the start for Elvis when he measured in at just over 5-11 and 258 pounds. In drills he didn't show enough quickness for an undersized end. Seemed like a different player. Still quick off the ball, though. Looked as if Dumervil was playing robotic, trying new techniques. Certainly killed his shot at round one, but passsrushers are still in demand. Still a day one prospect. Probably best fit is 3-4 scheme linebacker.

Mathias Kiwanuka, DE, Boston College
Very sluggish in one-on-one drills. Was handled too easily. Then was held out of the game for injury concern. Just precationary, though. Was surely passed by Hali as the #2 pure DE. Kiwi should still go in round one, just later than expected. Also a little smaller than advertised at 6-5, 262.

Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA
Lewis was a non-factor. He should have stayed home this week, as his weaknesses were exposed. Lewis just isn't explosive enough and is the weakest blocker of the top TEs. Was probably leapfrogged by Byrd and Klopfstein at TE from the Senior Bowl alone. When you factor in Vern Davis, Leonard Pope and Anthony Fasano--Lewis may have fallen to about #6 on my list.

DeMeco Ryans, LB, Alabama
Measured in small(6-0, 229) and looked slow. Was roasted by Byrd for a long gain in the game. Never really made his presence known. Didn't look particularly sharp in drills either. Lost ground on Hawk and Greenway. Doubt he goes any higher than round two. Could be one of the shocker guys that falls for a while on draft day due to LB depth.

DJ Shockley/Michael Robinson, QB
Same story for both of these guys. They have little to no future as NFL QBs. Robinson could catch on at another position. Runningback would be best fit, in my opinion. Shockley may not get drafted at all.

Senior Bowl Rosters

Official rosters from www.seniorbowl.com. Some serious talent to watch next Saturday.

2006 Senior Bowl – South Team Numerical Roster
Coaching Staff: San Francisco 49ers

1 Devin Aromashodu WR 6-2 198 Auburn
2 DeMario Minter CB 5-11 198 Georgia
2 Ben Obomanu WR 6-1 205 Auburn
3 D.J. Shockley QB 6-1 214 Georgia
4 Darrell Hackney QB 6-1 245 UAB
5 Skyler Green WR 5-9 197 LSU
6 Cedric Griffin CB 6-1 190 Texas
7 Marcus Hudson DB 6-2 200 N.C. State
8 Freddie Roach LB 6-2 250 Alabama
9 Anthony Mix WR 6-5 248 Auburn
10 Joseph Addai RB 5-11 210 LSU
12 Brodie Croyle QB 6-3 205 Alabama
17 Greg Blue SA 6-2 211 Georgia
18 Hank Baskett WR 6-3 219 New Mexico
19 Marcedes Lewis TE 6-6 255 UCLA
20 DeAngelo Williams RB 5-10 217 Memphis
21 Jerious Norwood RB 6-0 204 Mississippi St
22 Kelly Jennings CB 5-11 180 Miami
23 Tim Jennings CB 5-9 182 Georgia
24 Pat Watkins SA 6-4 202 Florida State
32 Stephen Gostkowski K 6-2 200 Memphis
35 Garrett Mills FB 6-2 226 Tulsa
35 DeMeco Ryans LB 6-2 236 Alabama
38 Andre Hall RB 5-9 204 South Florida
40 Thomas Howard LB 6-3 231 UTEP
41 Roman Harper SA 6-0 196 Alabama
42 Spencer Havner LB 6-3 235 UCLA
44 Gerris Wilkinson LB 6-3 238 Georgia Tech
47 Mark Anderson DE 6-4 256 Alabama
51 Travis Williams LB 6-0 216 Auburn
52 Brodrick Bunkley DL 6-2 286 Florida State
55 Jesse Mahelona DL 6-2 304 Tennessee
63 Ryan Cook OL 6-7 322 New Mexico
68 Mike Degory OL 6-5 301 Florida
70 Cody Douglas OL 6-4 330 Tennessee
71 Jonathan Scott OL 6-7 307 Texas
72 Albert Toeaina OL 6-5 352 Tennessee
73 Marcus McNeill OL 6-8 332 Auburn
74 Eric Winston OL 6-6 310 Miami
75 Will Allen OL 6-5 309 Texas
77 Max Jean-Gilles OL 6-4 358 Georgia
81 Thomas Olmsted P 6-4 217 Troy
82 T.J. Williams TE 6-2 253 N.C. State
83 Sinorice Moss WR 5-8 185 Miami
91 Manny Lawson DE 6-4 230 N.C. State
92 Orien Harris DE 6-3 301 Miami
94 Kamerion Wimbley DE 6-3 240 Florida State
95 Kyle Williams DL 6-2 295 LSU
98 Elvis Dumervil DE 6-0 254 Louisville
99 Parys Haralson DE 6-2 250 Tennessee

2006 Senior Bowl -- North Team Numerical Roster
Coaching Staff: Tennessee Titans

1 Will Blackmon CB 6-0 191 Boston College
1 Anwar Phillips CB 6-0 190 Penn State
2 Demetrius Williams WR 6-2 184 Oregon
4 Jahmile Addae SA 5-11 205 West Virginia
4 Travis Wilson WR 6-2 215 Oklahoma
6 Jay Cutler QB 6-3 219 Vanderbilt
6 Charlie Whitehurst QB 6-5 223 Clemson
8 Jason Avant WR 6-2 210 Michigan
8 Tye Hill CB 5-9 179 Clemson
9 Jerome Harrison RB 5-9 202 Washington St
11 Mike Bell RB 6-1 212 Arizona
12 Michael Robinson QB 6-2 215 Penn State
14 Daniel Bullocks SA 6-0 205 Nebraska
15 Martin Nance WR 6-4 212 Miami, OH
17 Lawrence Vickers FB 6-0 233 Colorado
18 Chad Greenway LB 6-3 243 Iowa
20 Anthony Smith SA 6-0 194 Syracuse
21 Maurice Stovall WR 6-4 236 Notre Dame
26 David Pittman DB 5-11 171 Northwestern St
27 Brian Iwuh LB 6-0 226 Colorado
28 Darrell Hunter CB 5-11 211 Miami, OH
29 John Torp P 6-1 222 Colorado
32 Cedric Humes RB 6-1 233 Virginia Tech
38 Terrence Whitehead RB 5-10 225 Oregon
40 Deric Yaussi K 5-11 199 Wyoming
42 Jon Alston LB 6-1 215 Stanford
44 Clint Ingram LB 6-1 236 Oklahoma
51 Abdul Hodge LB 6-1 231 Iowa
52 D’Qwell Jackson LB 6-1 227 Maryland
54 Marvin Philip OL 6-2 298 California
55 Nick Mangold OL 6-4 296 Ohio State
55 Darryl Tapp DE 6-2 266 Virginia Tech
56 Jonathan Lewis DL 6-1 308 Virginia Tech
56 Charles Spencer OL 6-5 330 Pittsburgh
61 Ryan O’Callaghan OL 6-7 363 California
66 D’Brickashaw Ferguson OL 6-5 295 Virginia
68 Mark Setterstrom OL 6-4 307 Minnesota
72 Jeremy Trueblood OL 6-8 319 Boston College
73 Daryn Colledge OL 6-4 295 Boise State
76 Deuce Lutui OL 6-5 375 USC
77 Davin Joseph OL 6-4 315 Oklahoma
78 Gabe Watson DL 6-3 335 Michigan
80 Derek Hagan WR 6-2 202 Arizona State
86 Dominique Byrd TE 6-3 260 USC
89 Joe Klopfenstein TE 6-5 245 Colorado
91 Tamba Hali DE 6-2 265 Penn State
94 Mathias Kiwanuka DE 6-6 258 Boston College
95 Victor Adeyanju DE 6-4 265 Indiana
96 Babatunde Oshinowo DL 6-2 320 Stanford
99 Dusty Dvoracek DL 6-3 302 Oklahoma

Top 100 NFL Prospects

Okay, all juniors (and a couple sophomores) are in. Here is a look at the top 100 prospects available for the 2006 NFL Draft. Next chance for players to improve their stock is the All-Star bowls, then comes the combine. As always, this is not a prediction of the order players will ultimately get drafted, just my ranking. For a projection of how things could shake out, check out the latest mock draft.

1 Reggie Bush RB USC 6'0 200
2 Vince Young QB Texas 6'5 233
3 Matt Leinart QB USC 6'5 225
4 Mario Williams DE NC State 6'7 290
5 Haloti Ngata DT Oregon 6'4 345
6 Vernon Davis TE Maryland 6'3 253
7 DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis 5'10 217
8 AJ Hawk LB Ohio State 6'2 240
9 Jonathan Scott OT Texas 6'7 315
10 Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College 6'7 265
11 Michael Huff FS/CB Texas 6'1 200
12 Tamba Hali DE Penn State 6'3 265
13 Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State 5'11 190
14 Marcus McNeill OT Auburn 6'9 340
15 LenDale White RB USC 6'2 235
16 Elvis Dumervil LB/DE Louisville 6'0 256
17 Tye Hill CB Clemson 5'10 190
18 Demario Minter CB Georgia 6'0 195
19 DeMeco Ryans OLB Alabama 6'2 235
20 Jimmy Williams CB/FS Virginia Tech 6'2 210
21 Chad Greenway OLB Iowa 6'3 240
22 D'brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia 6'5 289
23 Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA 6'6 256
24 Ashton Youboty CB Ohio State 6'1 185
25 Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota 5'11 205
26 Eric Winston OT Miami 6'7 312
27 Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State 6'2 295
28 Darnell Bing SS USC 6'2 225
29 Derek Hagan WR Arizona State 6'2 200
30 Gabe Watson DT Michigan 6'4 335
31 Ko Simpson FS South Carolina 6'1 200
32 Jesse Mahelona DT Tennessee 6'2 300
33 Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State 6'3 255
34 Jeremy Trueblood OT Boston College 6'9 330
35 Manny Lawson OLB/DE NC State 6'5 245
36 Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt 6'3 220
37 Pat Watkins FS Florida State 6'4 205
38 Rodrique Wright DT Texas 6'5 320
39 Jonathan Orr WR Wisconsin 6'2 195
40 Jonathan Jospeh CB South Carolina 5'11 185
41 Leonard Pope TE Georgia 6'7 250
42 Dee Webb CB Florida State 5'11 190
43 Abdul Hodge ILB Iowa 6'2 240
44 Daryn Colledge OT Boise State 6'5 295
45 Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State 6'3 205
46 Stanley McGlover DE/OLB Auburn 6'3 255
47 Winston Justice OT USC 6'5 310
48 Greg Eslinger C Minnesota 6'3 285
49 Brad Smith WR Missouri 6'2 215
50 Joseph Addai RB LSU 6'0 210
51 Hank Baskett WR New Mexico 6'4 220
52 Thomas Howard OLB UTEP 6'3 240
53 Alan Zamaitis CB/FS Penn State 6'2 200
54 Claude Wroten DT LSU 6'3 290
55 Max Jean-Gilles OG Georgia 6'4 340
56 Nick Mangold C Ohio State 6'4 290
57 Charles Gordon CB Kansas 5'11 180
58 Roman Harper FS Alabama 6'1 200
59 Maurice Drew RB UCLA 5'8 205
60 Jason Allen FS/CB Tennessee 6'2 200
61 Martin Nance WR Miami-Ohio 6'4 215
62 Jason Avant WR Michigan 6'1 210
63 Richard Marshall CB Fresno State 5'11 190
64 Davin Joseph OG Oklahoma 6'3 315
65 Devin Hester CB Miami 5'11 185
66 Mike Degory C Florida 6'5 300
67 Kai Parham ILB Virginia 6'3 245
68 Ryan O'Calaghan OT California 6'7 340
69 Will Blackmon CB Boston College 6'0 195
70 Daryl Tapp DE Virginia Tech 6'1 265
71 Nate Salley S Ohio State 6'2 215
72 Mike Hass WR Oregon State 6'1 205
73 D'Qwell Jackson ILB Maryland 6'1 230
74 Donte Whitner S Ohio State 5'11 205
75 Ray Edwards DE Purdue 6'6 270
76 Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame 6'4 257
77 Andrew Whitworth T/G LSU 6'7 325
78 Garrett Mills FB/TE Tulsa 6'2 235
79 Bernard Pollard SS Purdue 6'2 222
80 Greg blue FS Georgia 6'2 215
81 Dominique Byrd TE USC 6'3 260
82 Kamerion WimbleyDE/OLBFlorida State6'4255
83 Kelly Jennings CB Miami 5'11 180
84 AJ Nicholson OLB Florida State 6'2 235
85 Chad Jackson WR Florida 6'1 205
86 Parys Haralson
OLB/DE Tennessee 6'2 250
87 John McCargo DT NC State 6'2 295
88 Joe Klopfstein TE Colorado 6'6 245
89 Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green 6'4 224
90 Frostee Rucker DE USC 6'3 260
91 Greg Lee WR Pittsburgh 6'2 200
92 Taitusi Lutui OG USC 6'5 370
93 Freddie Roach ILB Alabama 6'2 245
94 Tim Jennings CB Georgia 5'8 180
95 Eric Henderson DE Georgia Tech 6'2 265
96 Todd Watkins WR BYU 6'3 185
97 Sinorice Moss WR Miamai 5'8 185
98 Demetrius Williams WR Oregon 6'2 185
99 Dion Byrum CB Ohio 5'11 180
100 Jerome Harrison RB Washington State 5'9 200