Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Draft Shakeup?

Reports out of Virginia are saying that star linebacker Ahmad Brooks has been kicked off the Cavaliers football team. Everything is vauge, so there aren't many details to discuss. The next move for Brooks is hope for late enry status into the 2006 draft pool. Otherwise he'll have to wait until the supplimental draft, held toward the end of summer.

Brooks has been a top NFL prospect for a while now due to his absurd mix of size and athleticism. He measures in at 6'4" and somewhwere between 250 and 270 lbs. His draft staus will depend a lot on the facts about his dismissal and what kind of shape he's in after an injury plagued season.

There are other reports that state Ahmad Brooks is still officially on the team. So stay tuned, this Brooks situation is far from over.

UPDATE: It appears that Brooks failed a drug test last week. No indication on what substance was found. Coach Al Groh has stated only that Brooks is unavailable for spring practice. The fall is still up in the air.

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